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Give or Take a Shit :iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 1 2
Mature content
Belonging - A Memoir :iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 1 2
Putting It Together, Ch.9
They say history repeats, and Edna Konrad knew it well.
In the quiet of the night, the only sound was the crunching of dirt and gravel under her thick-soled shoes. It was like a constant rhythm every time she stepped, reverberating through the stillness. It was surprising how much a single sound contrasted with Edna's last trek down the mountain. Back then, the soft pats of her bare feet left the air unbroken, allowing her mind to wander off. Now she was grateful for the distraction.
Edna hummed softly to the beat of her footsteps. The sound of the autumn wind rustling the leaves in the valley below soothed her rattled nerves. She absentmindedly kicked a pebble aside and watched it tumble down the path for a solid minute. It kept going until it bounced off a bump in the road, smacking the slope of the mountain.
It occurred to her just how long this road was. The steps to the lookout point and the spot where Doctor Marcel's car had met its watery end looked like they were right f
:iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 1 10
Christmas Dinner, part 2 :iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 2 0 Christmas Dinner, part 1 :iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 1 4
Mature content
Quiche :iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 2 8
Waifu Chart Thing :iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 12 4
Mature content
Putting it Together, Ch.8 :iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 1 5
Skype Time :iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 0 2
Mature content
Putting It Together, Ch.7 :iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 1 6
Mature content
Putting It Together, Ch.6 :iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 1 5
Mature content
Pudding In a Sweater, Ch.534 :iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 1 16
Putting It Together, Ch.5
The first thing Gerret noticed when he came to was the throbbing pain in his head. The second was the inability to move any of his arms or legs, and the third was the reason for that. Looking down, he saw a face he wasn't accustomed to seeing without a constant grimace of revulsion plastered across it. Mother Superior was probably the happiest Gerret had ever seen her, and judging by the way her pupils dilated, it wasn't a conscious decision. Neither was her rapid-fire knitting that was confining him to the wall.
"Rise and shine, darling." A chirpy voice from the side snarked. "Breakfast is ready."
He turned to see a brunette girl he recognized immediately. "You!"
"You yourself." Edna retorted. "I have to say, the irony of your situation is pretty satisfying to witness."
"What are you talking about?"
Edna simply rolled her eyes. She had been dealing with people treating her like she was an idiot all night, and quite frankly she was sick of it. Gerret decided waiting for an answer wasn'
:iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 2 10
BAAAAALD :iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 1 12 Me, Pre-Headshave :iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 1 6
Putting It Together, Ch.4
Once again, Edna struggled to free herself from the cocoon of fabric encapsulating her to the wall. She pulled with all her might, but the layers of wool were just too thick for her to tear through. With a defeated grunt, she slumped back down. She glanced over at the Mother Superior. The old nun was tirelessly knitting rabbit after rabbit, never stopping for a single moment.
"Mother Superior?" Edna called to her for the third time. "Please, you've got to snap out of it..."
The woman simply continued to stare at her work with a wide, plastered grin on her face. Edna was losing patience quickly.
"Hey, granny." She sniped. "Get a grip, will ya?"
Mother Superior continued to ignore her, humming a little hymn under her breath.
"Or not." Edna grumbled. The situation seemed pretty hopeless. Though her hands were exposed, their movement was too limited for her to reach anything. To her left, she could see the padded ventilation shaft she had used in her daring escape, the rip mended and patch
:iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 1 10



Hey everyone, :iconlilianmuttonfudge: is doing commissions! You should totally check her out if you want some amazing art!
Merry late (literally, it's 11:59 right now :XD: ) Christmas!
There’s always that one asshole who has to ruin the fun for everyone else because he cant get the same enjoyment out of something they love. Oh Brother... 
Got my job interview in a half hour. Wish me luck!
I've become paranoid that everyone hates me.

Tomorrow will not change.

You will not be taken away from your lover. You will not be deported from your home. When you wake up, there will be no Reich waiting at your door. You’re going to live.

It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be scared. But always remember one thing: you are alive.

So fight. Fight for your right to live, because you deserve it.


The Warden Commander
United States
I was born 200 years ago to an ogre queen and her talking hamburger lover. Sadly, I never knew my father because my mother ate him not long after I was born. Tragic tale, really.


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Downfall of Erin by Phillip-the-2
Sonicmario Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2016
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Hey, it's been a long while. How have you been? You doing okay?
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Doing okay. Just trying to work with finding a new job, worrying about the upcoming election, and shuffling around both my Edna and Harvey fanfic and some other ideas I have.
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Wow, Kirby's kind of a dick.
Nukid101 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 25, 2016
I'll be the first to admit that I am abrasive and blunt, but I know myself well enough to know that I am better than most. I am respectful to many people who disagree with me - a casual look on my page will figure that out - but I am NOT respectful to people who are disrespectful to ME. Respect is a two-way street man.

My sentimentality wasn't false. I'd spoken to him before and though we didn't agree on certain things I did honestly think he was a smart guy. I did not expect the simply outlandish response I got, and I was genuinely disheartened by his passive aggressive response. He may not have initially used insults but you can sure as hell bet that his tone and dialogue was condescending. I was simultaneously flabbergasted by his 'logic' and angered by his rudeness.

And on the contrary, I simply went on the page out of idle curiosity. To see if HE'D gotten over it, so I was saddened to see someone I thought of as a friend talking shit behind my back, especially since I'd acknowledged that you were right before.

Me actively opening a dialogue with him was a rarity. Usually my abrasive comments are responses to things other people say to me. Usually stuff I find bigoted and hateful, and you know why I respond back like that? Because I fucking CARE. I HATE bigotry and prejudice in all its forms and in the past I've been unafraid to call people out on such things. I grew up a geek when such a thing was largely ostracised so I've always had sympathies for people who are put down some form. Ironic considering how toxic geek culture is nowadays.

I am abrasive and sometimes an outright dick, but I'm not a bully. In fact we both know people who are probably more abrasive and blunt than I am. No, I just happen to say things YOU don't like, like when I criticised GamerGate. You're entitled to your opinions of course and I never badgered you about it, but if I did give you shit back then it's because (in my opinion) you said something problematic.

I am sorry if anything I've said in the past has upset you. I will be the first to admit that I can be a dick, but I do it because I am disgusted by that bigotry I see in some peoples comments, like I did in Thaeons. You're entitled to hate me but I have no hatred towards you. And don't worry, I planning to write a journal soon explaining why I've realised that fighting against the darker side of geek culture is a waste of time.
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