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Putting It Together, Ch.5
The first thing Gerret noticed when he came to was the throbbing pain in his head. The second was the inability to move any of his arms or legs, and the third was the reason for that. Looking down, he saw a face he wasn't accustomed to seeing without a constant grimace of revulsion plastered across it. Mother Superior was probably the happiest Gerret had ever seen her, and judging by the way her pupils dilated, it wasn't a conscious decision. Neither was her rapid-fire knitting that was confining him to the wall.
"Rise and shine, darling." A chirpy voice from the side snarked. "Breakfast is ready."
He turned to see a brunette girl he recognized immediately. "You!"
"You yourself." Edna retorted. "I have to say, the irony of your situation is pretty satisfying to witness."
"What are you talking about?"
Edna simply rolled her eyes. She had been dealing with people treating her like she was an idiot all night, and quite frankly she was sick of it. Gerret decided waiting for an answer wasn'
:iconsonicmario:Sonicmario 2 10



Heads up folks, :iconlilianmuttonfudge: is doing commissions again! Check out her prince list and see if you're interested!
Hey everyone, :iconlilianmuttonfudge: is doing commissions! You should totally check her out if you want some amazing art!
Merry late (literally, it's 11:59 right now :XD: ) Christmas!
There’s always that one asshole who has to ruin the fun for everyone else because he cant get the same enjoyment out of something they love. Oh Brother... 
Got my job interview in a half hour. Wish me luck!
So... I'm re-writing chapter nine of PIT.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it. I've just been doing a lot of contemplating lately and I just don't think it fits the story. Applying what I've learned from my writing class, it has a bad case of telling without showing. It reads like an essay on Edna's character rather than having her develop it through action. Speaking of which, the whole thing is anticlimactic. What I was trying to do was have a moment where Edna and Lilli just sit and talk about their problems after all the crap they went through... but I realize now that that isn't interesting. When one thinks 'Edna and Harvey' the last thing they wanna see is a therapy session! Heck, the characters themselves have been trying to avoid it in the games. :lmao:

I think what happened was that I had writer's block for so long that I just wanted to finally get it out and make everyone happy. But honestly, after reading the Edna and Harvey comic book and getting a lot of inspiration from it, I want to tell the story that I'm satisfied with. I apologize to you guys who are still interested in this, who actually liked the chapter, and are waiting for part 10. That chapter is actually in the final stages of being complete, but like I said I'd like to re-visit number 9 and see if I can make it better.

Don't worry, I'm not going to keep you all waiting for another year just to see the end.


The Warden Commander
United States
I was born 200 years ago to an ogre queen and her talking hamburger lover. Sadly, I never knew my father because my mother ate him not long after I was born. Tragic tale, really.


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